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Bad Summer

This has not been a particularly healthy summer.

I’ve keep going from being extremely busy to having entire days when I have nothing to do.  When I have nothing to do, I sit around and eat all day and I don’t exercise enough.  When I’m busy, I don’t eat as much and I’m usually more active.  However, I do eat a lot more fast food because there’s no time to make anything healthy.  And as a result, I’ve gained weight.  Kind of a lot.  At least ten pounds, probably closer to 15.

Now, granted, some of that is muscle mass.  I went through a phase at the beginning of the month where I did tons of strength training exercises and I’ve definitely seen an increase in muscle in some parts of my body.  The rest, however, is flab.

So, I’m getting back on the wagon today (I say that a lot on this blog, don’t I?).  I’m going to weigh myself later and update my weight on Traineo.  I’m also going to start working out again and not eating everything in sight.  I’m excited and scared at the same time…



I think my main weakness is the evening.  I’ve noticed that the majority of my discretionary eating takes place in the evening; most specifically after dinner.  My portion control for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are alright, and my snacks are usually pretty healthy but after I’ve eaten dinner, everything hits the fan.  My desserts are too large and my ‘midnight snacking’ has gotten out of hand.  I’ve got to work on that from now on.

In other news, I pigged out on New Year’s Eve/Day.  I suppose it was fitting, though; the last night of 2008 and of my eating habits.  I did pretty well during the day on New Year’s Eve; by 4 PM I had only consumed about 600 calories and was getting ready for the evening festivities.  Even dinner was pretty good, but, as usual, post-dinner eating was my undoing.  Regardless, I’m done with that now and I am ready to move forward.

I gained back about a pound and a half of the four pounds that I lost in the last week, but I’m attributing it to muscle mass.  Am I creating some sort of dilusional euphamism for myself?  I hope not.  My abs are starting to come back out under the jelly, so I guess that’s a good sign.

I’m ready for the fruits of this labor.


Right now, I desperately want:

  • A cold can of vanilla Pepsi.  I haven’t had any soda in almost a month.  I miss it, but it wasn’t too great of a challenge to give up.
  • Chicken nuggets from Chic-Fil-A.  No fast food in that long, either.  The only fast food that I will eat is Cool Wraps from Chic-Fil-A, an occasional salad from McDonalds, and sometimes those snack wraps from McDonalds (they’re not that bad).
  • To go running.  School is taking up all my time and I haven’t been running in forever.

Feeling Lost

It’s almost impossible to be healthy during the school year. Not only have I not had any time/energy to exercise over the past week or two, but my meals have been horrible.

Eating breakfast at 6 AM does not leave the door open for many healthy choices. My breakfast needs to be prepared in less than ten minutes, and it needs to be very light since I’m not even hungry at 6.

Lunch always has to be portable and small. I will say that my lunches are pretty balanced, but there is still room for improvement.

Snacks are my vice. I always need to have a quick snack in between school and everything else. I’ve promised that I’m not going to waste my money in vending machines anymore, so my snacks are mostly crackers or pretzels.

Dinner recently has been whatever I can pull together since I’ve been so busy (last night, I didn’t even have time for dinner). Needless to say, it’s not that nutritional.

I don’t think that I’ve been eating way too many calories…I try to shoot for 1900 per day, but I think that I’ve been closer to 2100 or 2200 daily over the past two weeks, with less exercise than I would like. I hate school.