A Challenge

It was hard sitting at the dinner table tonight and watching my family eat KFC while I ate a salad and some mashed potatoes, but now I am happy that I had my own meal.

If I were to have eaten with them, I would have had a biscut, two drumsticks (Original Style), mashed potatoes, and a soda. Here is nutrition information taken directly from the KFC website:

Serving Weight
Calories Total Fat
%DV Saturated Fat
%DV Trans Fat
340 610 32 48% 7 36% 4.5 130 43%
%DV Carbohydrates
%DV Dietary Fiber
%DV Sugars
Vitamin A
1940 81% 49 16% 2 9% 3 31 8%
Vitamin C
2% 8% 25%

1940 mg of sodium? 610 calories? No thanks! Instead, I had a Caeser salad, iced tea, and mashed potatoes (from KFC). 480 calories total, and way less sodium, fat, cholesterol, and carbs.

Total calories today? 2070! 456 were burned due to exercise alone (I had some issues today with running). Go me!


2 responses to “A Challenge

  1. Great job!!! That is so hard when everyone around you is not eating healthy. When I am faced with temptation I do these things….1) Remove or get away from the temptation, if I can’t do that then 2) Block it out (for me I use the song “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross to just keep reminding myself of my goals. Maybe we all need a motivation song…what would it be for you???

  2. Dude, WHILE eating differently when everyone else is chowing down on the good greasy, I always feel mad, spiteful, jealous, angry, homocidal… you get it. But afterward, when my mouth doesn’t feel coated in fried chicken skin, and my ass doesn’t feel 8 times bigger – I feel proud of myself and happy that I’m actually staying on track.

    And then, when it is the most important time for my boyfriend to notice a difference, and he says “wow, you feel smaller” — I think “thank GOD I didn’t eat that entire large pepperoni pizza” 🙂

    Go you!

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